The Devil in the Detail.

My Name is Thomas Lane,

I'm one of those kids that has tried everything and probably will keep trying everything, i have fun learning new skills and trying random activities.

The Fifth Lane to me is my creative outlet, the only thing where I can make whatever I feel and throw it out there without caring about the response I get. Its just an extension of my messy life and I love it.

I was Taught by an 'MR Miyagi' type figure by the name of Noel Froom.

I was a young little chap that loved fire and that was the start of my ring making obsession, fire mixed with shiny metals and lots of tools. Every kids dream.

I spent loads of afternoons sitting on his apprentice desk learning the basics and claiming his works as mine till I knew how to do it myself.

So this is me... don't know if you care but that's all.

Just a kid finding a way to excerpt some energy and creative juices before living a regular life.

Tommy Lane - Doer of all things

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