The Story

It all started when Tommy was a little tucker enchanted by bright flames and shiny metals. He would sit and watch his good friend and mentor Noel Froome work away with silver and gold, bending it into shapes and wearable art - and he was hooked.

Tommy picked up new skills and slices of knowledge during his journey into the ring making world, which he then weaved into the creation of his brand, The Fifth Lane.

He began in the industry by making dainty fine stacking rings for his sisters friends and then branched out into making chunkier pieces to reflect what he and his mates were looking for. Now, Tommy's pieces are delicate yet rough around the edges. Clean and polished with a bit of a kick. 

Being a jeweller that makes bespoke, unique pieces by hand gives Tommy the freedom to create anew every time and for him, the excitement of starting a new piece is the reason why he keeps making. 

And he shares this excitement through sold out workshops across NSW and Queensland where he teaches the basics of silversmithing over a glass of wine.

"The process of making rings is so beautiful, I wanted to share it with everyone. I hope these puppies give you the same kick that they gave me".