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Ring Maker Bundle: The Ultimate Business Starter Course

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We have put together a set of four ultimate ring making classes to start you on your journey of becoming a ring maker.

This bundle will include different workshops over four days - 

Day 1 

Fine ring making workshop: you will be included in one of our set workshops and learn the basics of soldering, shaping and polishing fine stacking rings.

Day 2 

Chunky band workshop: this workshop is of a similar structure to the fine ring workshop but you will be working with a completely different metal. We use sheet metal and cut out the width and thickness of the ring you would like to make, then go through each step to create your own unique chunky band.

Day 3 

Wax carving workshop: in this class you will learn the basics of lost-wax casting. We will go through different designs to create a beautiful piece that can't be made from straight metal. Included in this class is the process of getting your own casts set up and an introduction to our favourite suppliers. 

Day 4

The last session will be a one-on-one workshop with our maker, Tom. He will go through the steps of silversmithing and answer all of your questions along the way. Then, in preparation for becoming a jewellery-maker, you'll gain access to premium tool and metal suppliers and everything else you may need to get you moving.

Please email us to book your sessions or for any other information.

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