Wax Carving tool kit
Wax Carving tool kit

Wax Carving tool kit

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This Tool Kit is for anyone who wants to get creating a 100% unique ring, the lost wax casting is a beautiful process to create something that is very hard to make out of solid metals.

inside is everything you need to get a mould of your liking, then either for us to post off and get moulded or for yourself to start an account with your selected metal companies for future moulds

Consists of:

· Wax Carvers 

· KD Sawframe - 130mm x 80mm 

· Sprial Saw Blades # 0 - Bundle 12 

· Wax Ring Tube Resizer 

· Wax File DT - Half Round Double Ended 

· Wax Needle Files 

Wax Stick for carving

this kit includes your first ring professionally cleaned