Workshop Policies


To cancel your spot, you will need to contact The Fifth Lane via email. We have a strict 2 week cancellation policy. If less than 2 weeks notice is given, we will be unable to offer you a full refund. We can offer you a credit to rebook your workshop or a refund of 50%. 

Please note that cancellations within 1 week of your class will result in no refund or credit. Tommy runs small, intimate workshops, and it is unlikely that with less than a week's notice we will be able to fill your spot. You are more than welcome to send a friend in your place, just shoot us an email to let us know!

If your class has been rebooked from your original date, we are unable to provide a refund regardless of the two week refund notice.

If a class is missed, no refund or make-up session can be offered. Please set a reminder and double check dates and times before


We understand that COVID-19 has been a tough time for everyone. So in the event of having to isolate for COVID-19 reasons, please contact us via phone or email as soon as you can. We will endeavour to find you a new spot in another one of our workshops.

Please be aware that we are a small family business and we have been hit hard by COVID-19 the last two years, like everyone else. We would appreciate kindness and understanding in all communications!


We require a minimum of three bookings in order to run a class. If we do not meet this minimum we may cancel the workshop and offer you a full refund or credit to attend a workshop of the same value in future. 


If you decide to book a ring making workshop and choose gold as your metal, it is essential that you read this policy before making a purchase. 

Due to the ever fluctuating price of gold, we're unable to keep copious amounts of it on hand. This means that we order it specifically for you when you book a gold workshop with us. We need at-least two weeks to order it so that it arrives in time for your booking. Leaving less than two weeks means the metal will likely not arrive in time. 

Many people who attend our workshops are beginners. Which is great! You've com to the right place. However this does mean that there are risks involved when choosing gold as your metal. The price point of silver is relatively low and easy to replace compared to gold which costs hundreds of dollars. The Fifth Lane can not replace the metal during a workshop if it is damaged or broken, or the customer fails to make a completed ring.


The Fifth Lane reserves the right to take photographs and video footage during workshops. We intend to use this footage for the purpose of advertising our workshops through various media platforms without payment to students. Please let us know if you do not want to be included in any digital footage. 


By completing your purchase, you are confirming that you have read, understood and agree to our terms and conditions


The Fifth Lane and its employees are not liable or responsible for any injury or and loss or damage to personal possessions.